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Convenience and Speed For You and Your Customers

Earlier this year The Standard introduced the PolicyEX electronic policy delivery system–an industry-first. This new tool provides distribution partners and customers the option to send, view and accept policies electronically. PolicyEX dramatically speeds up the policy delivery process and significantly improves turnaround times on policies with change requests during delivery.

With PolicyEX, you continue to have the option to print policies. Those who deliver policies electronically are very happy with the results, which include savings in printing and mailing costs.

Include Covers – A Change With More Pluses Than Minuses

As part of the transition to PolicyEX, The Standard discontinued using preprinted covers since the policy covers are now incorporated in the policies.  While some feel preprinted policy covers add to the perceived quality of the product, the majority support the incorporated cover because of its benefits.

These include:

  • Time savings. PolicyEX’s integrated cover eliminates the additional steps to bind the separate covers. They are easier to assemble.
  • Personalized covers include the Insured’s name and the specific coverage purchased.
  • Consistent look. Before the change, policies delivered using PolicyEX had a different look than those that were printed. Now all policies look the same.
  • Customers can now accept and store their policies electronically without worrying about keeping track of a paper policy with personal information.

What Your Colleagues Say About PolicyEX

Once customers make the switch, they are pleased with the results. Here are typical examples of feedback:

From a producer:  “That new system is awesome! What an easy delivery!”

From an MGA:  “One of our brokers called to ask about obtaining  a paper policy. When he heard he had the option to print or deliver electronically, he called his client. The client responded that electronic delivery was much easier for him.”

From Standard Insurance Company 

Thank you for your support during this transition and your ongoing partnership.We encourage you to adopt PolicyEX and continue to invite your feedback.  If you are an MGA or SMP who has not yet tried PolicyEX, sign up now. If you are a producer, please contact your MGA or SMP to let him or her know you would like to try PolicyEX.


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