Guarantee Issue Life Insurance for Highly Compensated Employees

An Innovative Approach to Life Insurance This corporate pay solution only requires five or more employees to enroll and provides employers with a life insurance program that offers more comprehensive benefits than traditional group term life insurance. With Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, the employer is able to provide highly-compensated employees enhanced life insurance coverage withContinue Reading

Claims Anatomy & Ground Rules – September 25 @ 2PM ET

Learn how an individual disability insurance claims team manages real life situations! This session will provide you with a learning opportunity to understand the “life cycle” of a typical individual disability income claim.  You will also learn the role of a carrier’s internal legal department when called to review a claim.  Then you will haveContinue Reading

10 Life Insurance Marketing Opportunities

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) and the perfect opportunity for you to talk to current clients and prospects about their life insurance needs. Today, 95 million adult Americans have no life insurance, and most people with coverage have far less than experts recommend. To help you make the most of the LIAM, checkContinue Reading

Learn How To Sell DI To Doctors — August 28 @ 2:00 PM ET

Cracking the Physician Code How Financial Advisors Can Acquire More Physician Clients Presented by Dr.Vicki Rackner Dr. Rackner will share her insider insights collected through her diverse 25 year medical career treating tens of thousands of patients, holding a clinical faculty appointment at the University of Washington School of Medicine coaching financial advisors on “CrackingContinue Reading

What Could Three Cases Do For Your Revenue Stream?

With Supplemental Income Protection, you can enhance your clients’ disability benefits while creating competitive, recurring revenue.  The cases studies below provide high level details of opportunities and solutions that will benefit your client while enhancing your revenue stream. At the Insurance Partners, we make it easy for you to reach “The Solution”.  Our insurance professionalsContinue Reading

Enhance DI Benefits Strategies with Guaranteed Standard Issue

By introducing your clients to Guaranteed Standard Issue Individual Disability Income Insurance, your client will be able to build a more comprehensive benefits strategy while addressing employee concerns. According to recent studies: 21% of executives are concerned about losing their income.* 40% of executives are concerned about maintaining their standard of living.* 50% of executivesContinue Reading

Top 6 Characteristics to Look for in an Employer When Selling GSI Disability

Almost any business can be a good fit for Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) plans.  However, the best fit tends to be when the employer…. Does not currently offer Guaranteed Standard Issue Individual Disability Insurance to employees. Only offers Disability Insurance through a Group Long Term Disability Insurance plan only. Currently offers plans in which aContinue Reading

Supplemental Income Protection Programs — Your Opportunity to Offer & Earn More

Earn vested compensation on each policy sold: This coverage stays on the books, grows as employees’ incomes increase and new employees are added.  The opportunity to maximize your worksite sales has never been easier. A Supplemental Income Protection plan is the most effective way to help fill the gap your best clients face with existingContinue Reading

Target Business Owners to Build Your Business

Business owners have special needs when it comes to protecting their livelihood, along with the employees, co-owners and family members who rely on them. The Insurance Partners can help you design a complete DI solutions for your business owner clients. Our team of experts is committed to supporting you through the sales process and getting yourContinue Reading

TransAmerica Offers Modified Guaranteed Issue on Multi-Life Cases

In a shrinking LTC market, Transamerica is able to provide competitive solutions for Multi-Life cases. With their Modified Guaranteed Issue (MGI) program, qualifying groups will receive LTC Coverage in the easiest way possible; the application is only 3 knock out questions long. With discounts of up to 20% the MGI program is the easiest wayContinue Reading