Disability Insurance

Forward-thinking employers want to protect their employees and keep them fully covered with attractive benefits packages. But all disability plans are not created equal. Some standard plans only cover up to 60% of base salary and do not account for bonuses, commissions or other income. Consider that these benefits are also taxed, and a sick or injured employee may receive less than half of their real pre-disability income. Such extreme income gaps could cause undue hardship for the employee – making it harder for them to get back on their feet and back to work.

A carefully selected disability program can help employers minimize these gaps and keep their valued employees protected. There are many options depending on your client’s needs. Supplemental disability insurance may be provided by the employer or offered to employees on a voluntary platform. Either way, discounts are substantial and fully portable. The Insurance Partners will help you analyze your client company’s current disability offerings and find the right solutions. We have access to the top carriers and unmatched expertise in the disability market, so you can offer custom first-rate solutions for your corporate clients. Speak with one of our executive disability experts now.