Single Policy Solutions


Looking to round out your life, disability or Long Term
Care offerings to your clients? The Insurance Partners
can connect you to the right products at the best value.

Disability Insurance

Most of your clients probably don’t want to think about a disabling event, but it's important that they be prepared for one. As an insurance professional, you can make this planning as painless as possible for your clients’ while protecting their future. Our disability experts can connect you to the right plan to ensure your clients security.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance represents a promise: to protect a client's family in their absence. So the responsibility entrusted to you in providing Life Insurance solutions is especially weighty. There are many considerations in making such an important investment, and TIPs can help you evaluate the options and make the best choice to ensure that promise is fulfilled.

Long Term Care

With an aging baby boomer population, Long Term Care is a necessary reality. Some studies project 65% of Americans over 75 will need it. Left unplanned, the costs of care could quickly bankrupt a person in their later years. Make sure your clients are informed and protected – consult TIPs about our customized LTC Solutions.