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Safeguard Prosperity for
Key Employees With
Comprehensive Coverage

At The Insurance Partners, we understand the importance of supporting corporate clients in helping key employees secure their financial futures. Collaborating with our consultant partners, we're enhancing executive compensation benefit plans to address critical deficiencies in life, disability, long-term care and retirement coverage.

Corporate Solutions

Today, more than ever, employers want an ally who truly gets what it takes to build a business powered by people. In a competitive labor market, there's no room for good enough, especially when companies want to attract, retain and reward key talent.

Basic coverage only goes so far.
Our proactive approach minimizes risk.

Many employer-sponsored plans offer only foundational coverage, which leaves executives and other highly compensated employees underprotected—a risk your corporate clients may not fully recognize. The Insurance Partners collaborates with consultants to minimize these risks.

Our solutions complement existing plans to ensure the protection of key employees' income and savings. Additionally, these solutions serve as compelling incentives for attracting and retaining top talent, showcasing a commitment to employee financial well-being and acknowledging contributions to organizational growth.

Our Solutions

Tailored for businesses and their key employees, our solutions provide ample protection for income and retirement savings for those earning above the group or qualified plan thresholds. These customized plans ensure the security and growth of the business and their key employees’ wealth in the years ahead.


Recruit, Reward, Retain

  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
  • 162 Bonus Plans
  • Key Person Coverages
  • Split-Dollar Plans


  • Business Valuations
  • Buy-Sell Funding Strategies
  • ESOP Repurchase Liabilities
  • Executive Benefit Plan Review


  • Supplemental Disability & Life Coverage
  • Guarantee Standard Issue
  • High-Limit Income Protection Plans
  • Individually Owned, Fully Portable


An Elevated & Efficient Experience

We use a proactive approach to analyze and address every aspect of your key employee compensation benefits strategy.

Tailored services and solutions meet the unique needs of each business

Comprehensive market analysis and access to exclusive programs

Personalized consultations and seamless integration into client teams

End-to-end administrative support that saves partners valuable time

Introducing TIPConnect

TIPConnect is a first-of-its-kind platform designed to give you and your clients secure visibility into opportunities, implementation and plan administration. This comprehensive technology, combined with our team of experts, makes building and managing your executive benefits business easier than ever.

5096- TIPConnect App

Streamlined. Simplified. Secure. 

Safeguard Your Success

Don't leave the financial futures of key employees to chance. Partner with us to:

Identify coverage deficiencies and deliver targeted solutions

Expand and safeguard client base by providing robust financial protection 

Help clients attract and retain talent, elevating overall appeal

Learn more about safeguarding your success—and the success of your clients today.